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[FREE] The Blue Line Imperative : What Managing for Value Really Means download book

Kevin Kaiser,S. David Young,: The Blue Line Imperative : What Managing for Value Really Means

The Blue Line Imperative : What Managing for Value Really Means


A groundbreaking guide to making profitable business decisions Do you wonder why your value initiatives aren't providing the payoff you'd hoped for? Could it be because you've been thinking about value all wrong? According to the authors of this groundbreaking guide, there's a very good chance that you have. Using examples from leading companies worldwide, they explain why every decision a company makes either creates value or detracts from it, and why, if they hope to survive and thrive in today's increasingly competitive global marketplace, company leaders must make value-creation the centrepiece of every business decision. Authors Kaiser and Young have dubbed this approach "Blue-Line Management," (BLM), and in this entertaining, highly accessible book, they delineate BLM principles and practices and show you how to implement them in your company. * Explains why the failure to properly define and assess value often makes it difficult for the people who manage businesses to effect long-term success * Offers guidelines for making the satisfaction of customer needs and wants-i.e. value creation-the driver of all business activities * The authors are respected academics at INSEAD, the world's largest and most respected graduate business school, with campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East

It frequently feels that there is nothing new to explore on the earth - the most distant places are visited by TV crews and even tourists. However, the past can also be a foreign country and recently archaeologists have begun to explore a vast, unknown landscape hidden beneath the North Sea. Inhabited by early man, this land disappeared beneath the sea when sea levels rose more than 8000 years ago. This enigmatic landscape, known as Doggerland after the famous banks in the North Sea, has remained hidden until now. Today, we can map unknown rivers, hills, lakes and valleys using 3D seismic data originally collected for oil exploration. Some 23,000 km2 of this 'lost world' (an area equivalent to that of Wales) have now been revealed. This book tells the exciting story of how this lost country was rediscovered by archaeology and what the results of new work are telling us about what happened to man during the last great phase of global warming, when a massive area of Europe was lost as a consequence of climate The Blue Line Imperative : What Managing for Value Really Means download epub change. Although a study of the past, this book demonstrates how archaeology can provide vital information for the future.

Author: Kevin Kaiser,S. David Young,
Number of Pages: 320 pages
Published Date: 03 Sep 2013
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781118510889
Download Link: Click Here


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